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A Banshee In Paris

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A Banshee In Paris

"Magic users across the Fair City of Paris have been suffering visions of a howling spirit in the burnt remains of Paris. Maxime, Head of the Order of Hermes, has asked you to find out what is going on and what it may mean. Even the Technocracy has no clue." A very non-canon Mage story set in the French City of Paris - A City dominated by the very ancient Order of Hermes and the very new technology of the New World Order and everything else just bubbling up through the cracks. Banshee in Paris is a Roleplaying Adventure/Scenario for White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension Roleplaying Game. The setting part of this adventure can be used as chronicle/campaign setting for a Mage based in the city of Paris, capital of France. It was run for the first time at Sillicon 5 (5th April 2003.)

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