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By Author arrow Ciarán "Sarky" O'Brien arrow Grimdark THIS!

Grimdark THIS!

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Grimdark THIS!

“… You claim that scarcely half a dozen Astartes not only prevented the fall of the world’s last fortress to the Tyranids, but completely routed the planetwide, billions-strong invasion? Describe them.” “I couldn’t see them clearly through the swarm, Lord Inquisitor. The drop-pod doors slammed open, and I caught glints of yellow and red armour as they charged through the masses, scattering bodies like childrens’ toys, and a battlecry that caused even the leading bio-titan to pause in its charge.” “Battlecry? Elaborate.” “It’s hard to describe. It was sort of like… Like “FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-” “… Oh. Oh dear. If they are here, then Emperor protect us all…” A “Deathwatch” game for 5 very Angry Marines.

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