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By Author arrow Anita Murray arrow City of the Invincible Sun

City of the Invincible Sun

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City of the Invincible Sun

GURPS Hellboy: City of the Invincible Sun – a game for 5 Roman citizens By Anita Murray From the library of the BPRD (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense): Book 124 of Titus Livius' "Ab Urbe Condita" (From the Founding of the City) - generally considered lost. " ... which provoked panic in the general populace, to the detriment of good order. The eclipse itself occurred without any forewarnings, but it appears that a group of citizens had been aware of the upcoming solar event. These citizens were all affiliated with the mysteries of the 'Sol Invictus'; and had carefully staged a number of significant attacks to correspond with the eclipse; allowing them to push forward the claim of the traitor Mark Anthony by a series of assassinations and the theft of important documents. The culmination of the damage they incurred; where they ascertained the knowledge of the eclipse itself; and the exact details of their capture and subsequent torture were not fully elaborated upon ..."

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