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By Author arrow Ciarán "Sarky" O'Brien arrow Borderworld


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Borderworld: A Rogue Trader game for 5 Players A Trader’s luck changes quickly. One minute you’re securing a major haul of advanced Eldar weaponry, the next you’ve been quadruple-crossed by the slippery bastards and had to spend most of your fortune repairing your ship, leaving you almost destitute. The crew was almost ready to mutiny when one of them won a map in a game of chance. A map to a long-lost human world, where there is a stash of ancient technology so priceless it could buy a whole solar system. Sure, it’s a dangerous Warp journey, it borders unfriendly Xenos empires, and it hasn’t seen outside contact since before the Imperium, but for a prize this big you’d kiss an Ork Warlord’s nadgers.

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