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By Author arrow Padraic Barrett arrow The Vengeance Of Akoda Ozaki

The Vengeance Of Akoda Ozaki

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The Vengeance Of Akoda Ozaki

The Vengeance of Akoda Ozaki A Legend of the Five Rings Adventure by Padraic Barrett ‘A thousand apologies! P.. please forgive this humble s.. servants intrusion!’ ‘I await an explanation with eagerness’ ‘A p.. pigeon from F.. Fujioka arrived. It bore a message!’ ‘How timely, read it out’ ‘Of c.. course! “One of the k.. kitchen s.. servants is now mine. I humbly await f.. further instructions” ‘Excellent. Send this reply “Proceed as discussed” ‘I will t.. tend t.. to it immediately!’ ‘Also when you are done present yourself to Jousei. Have him remove your tongue. It should cure that dreadful stutter’ ‘Y…'

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