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By Author arrow Padraic Barrett arrow The God In The Pit

The God In The Pit

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The God In The Pit

A WFRP Adventure by Padraic Barrett. You still remember the bard that regaled you with tales as a child. Of noble Knights setting off on quests, vanquishing evil foes before rescuing the fair Damsel in distress. You had yearned for the day when you would receive your spurs and set out as they had done. Only what he hadn't mentioned in the tales was the rain. The incessant, never ending rain. Or the food, or more correctly the lack thereof. Or sleeping in ditches or gangrene or saddle sores or any number of boring but very useful facts to a young Knight Errant! The life of a Hero isn't easy. The life of that Bard if you meet him again will be short.

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