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By Author arrow Shane O'hUid arrow You Fall, We Haul

You Fall, We Haul

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You Fall, We Haul

Hello Seattle, I'm Stacey Inglewood. In this episode of Crash Course we grab our gear and glove up for a 24-hour shift with the paramedics and security EMTs of DocWagon High Threat Response ambulance 21. We'll deal with unexpected patients, high speed driving, three-way firefights and even do our bit to take out a threat to the city! And, through the magic of simsense, you'll be along for the ride! So don your armour, lock and load your gel ammunition, get the stretcher and hit the lights and sirens as we take a Crash Course as an HTR medic!

A Shadowrun scenario converted to the Silhouette system as used in Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles and Tribe 8.)

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