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Communing In Darkness

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Communing In Darkness

Time was that everybody who was anybody went to seances. Time was that there was a living to made out of being a medium. Some of them were fakes, sure - But some of them were for real, and could put you in touch with the dead. For many rich people, mediums were a necessity. Who else would provide a link with family long gone? In the occult-obsessed 1920s it hit fever pitch, and both the good and the bad mediums thrived in an atmosphere of appreciation. Six people gather around a table. They join hands. The call goes out "Is there anybody there?" Tonight, someone is definitely there. And they want to talk. This LARP has been run a number of times since its inception at Warpcon 2002, with varying results, including a foreign language run at Ropecon in Finland in 2008 and a run at the International LARP Symposium at Modcon in Italy in 2007.

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