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A D&D 3.5 RPG for Warpcon 2006. Many years ago there lived a great paladin named George. He heard a rumour that in the Earldom of Wiltshire, the town of Salisbury was having a problem. Apparently a great and terrible dragon had taken up residence. The two fought for many hours, but eventually George defeated the dragon, stabbing it into the mouth with his lance. However, the star of dragon kind has long set in Arcadia. The dragons that remain have long grown soft and pedestrian in their mountain strongholds, grown fat off the efforts of their forefathers. The descendants of the mightiest warriors in the land now shrink from spiders and worry about wasps, wishing the world outside their immaculate lairs was as pristine and well ordered as inside. They tend to gardens and write poetry and literature, and grow out of breath if they have to run to the local shop before it closes. The thought of running down deer on the hoof… sure it must be possible, I mean our ancestors did it… Much of the youth of dragons is wasted playing games and living in worlds created by magic and illusion, reliving the glories of the past but utterly unable to replicate them. Most dragons of Arcadia would run screaming at the sight of an armed human, images of Saint George flooding their minds.

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