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By Author arrow Ray O Mahony arrow When a Siren Calls

When a Siren Calls

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When a Siren Calls

“Help me.” you look over your shoulder quickly to see who was speaking, yet there’s only an empty street and the gently falling rain. You sigh and continue walking through the winter night, but you hear it again, this time more clearly, more desperate; “Please…Help Me.” It’s a woman’s voice, it’s very pained and it feels very near. You begin to feel sick as your blood seems to boil just beneath your skin and pain pierces your skull. “HELP…..” You turn in the direction of the voice “...ME...” You begin to shuffle towards it “..PLEASE..” You realise that you’re running towards her now, and you’re pain is evaporating. Soon you see the other vampires that are being summoned by the voice, all with a glazed look in their eyes.

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