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Of Fiends And Warlords

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Of Fiends And Warlords

The Viovodate. No other lands are quite like them. Bulgaria, Poland, Transylvania, Hungry, these are lands where the Old Ways and tradition permeate all action. Where Ventrue carve out domains from the lands long held by the prideful Tzimisce and the magical Usurpers fight battles against both for their very survival. Where war has been waged almost eternally, away from the complacent eyes of mere mortals, for the most part. In times as desperate as these it is not uncommon for Princes to call on bands of Vampires such as yours to further their aims, but when you were summoned to the haven of Prince Vencel Rikard of Buda-Pest, a secret is revealed to you that will undoubtedly change the balance of power in the entire region, you need only ensure that power shifts in your clan’s favour……

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