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By Author arrow Nick Huggins arrow The Confederacy Of Unusual Adventurers

The Confederacy Of Unusual Adventurers

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The Confederacy Of Unusual Adventurers

"The Princess of Bremen has sent word – Her fiancée Prince Charming has been captured and she requires adventurers to save him. Not just any adventurers will do, though – The Princess has chosen those who she thinks will be best suited to the role. It’s a ragtag bunch – A girl in a scarlet hood, a simple woodsman, a bard from Hamlin, a witch, a fairy and a changeling. But if they can’t save the Prince, can anyone?" - A game by Nick Huggins and a loose sequel to "Showdown At The Gingerbread House." Characters supplied in D&D3e format, but Nick suggests you run this one without a focus on rules if possible.

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