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A Macho Women Fairytale

So there's all these fairytales with all these heroines, right? And you don't believe they were all as sweet and nice and innocent as they were in the stories, do you? Honestly? So what happens when they all find out that Prince Charming has treated the  Scenario Details...

As If

The story of a group of strangely familiar schoolfriends, banding together to protect one small hamlet against the forces of evil, personified by the Vampyr. Allegedly a Vampire: The Masquerade scenario from Gaelcon 1998.  Scenario Details...

Ditches & Delph

Something is not quite right in Ballygobackwards. The town is quiet, almost too quiet. Even the feared Knitting Guild seems to have lost its edge. Some sort of a flu, probably. With the town's new Garda Station opening in two days, you can't be having w  Scenario Details...

Gunned With The Wind

Gone with the Wind. With guns. Scary as hell, and I\'m saying nothing else.  Scenario Details...

Matrix Women With Guns

It's some time since the events of the film "The Matrix." The One has gone missing, presumed taken by the powers of the Matrix itself. On a hunch, a party of gutsy (not to mention chesty) women go into the computer generated sensory hallucination to fi  Scenario Details...

O’Grady’s Farm: A Tale of Farmyard Fun. Oh, and Revenge. Don

Farmer O’Grady has a secret. He’s actually a retired wizard. After 40 years in the wizarding game, he got sick and tired of quests, demons, gods, planar travel and the generally stressful lifestyle of the adventurer. O’Grady settled down in the coun  Scenario Details...

Pride & Extreme Prejudice

Imagine "Macho Women with Guns" crossed with "Pride & Predjudice." Mayhem ensues.  Scenario Details...

The Commie Cultist Conspiracy

The computer loves you. He understands that sometimes it's hard to do your job. Don't be stressed, just die and hope your next clone does better. A Paranoia scenario for Sillicon 2.  Scenario Details...

The Haunted House

Mad Sadhbh has come up with another slice of 'Macho Women' craziness. This one centers around a bunch of happy-go-lucky women who have landed a contract to star in a TV show called 'Babe Mansion.' But why all the strange goings on? Is someone telekine  Scenario Details...

Through The Round Window

Gosh, the adults are acting very strange today. Any idea why Big Ted? No Little Ted, perhaps it's some sort of adult thing that us toys can't understand. Oh, that's different then Big Ted. Indluge your search for something *different* with this scenari  Scenario Details...

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