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But For The Grace Of God

Take a look around. This is what people don’t want to see when they think of progress. They don’t want to think of the lives that are swept aside to make way for the glittering new edifices. They don’t stop to wonder what memories fall with the c  Scenario Details...

Chinese Got a Lot of Hells

A group of sinners have been selected by a sorceror to enter hell itself to foil the schemes of a demon-summoner. Can the group survive the horror of the "Thousand Hells"?  Scenario Details...

Don't Hate The Player

Madison Square Garden - a world watches as the combatants take to the ring. But there is more at stake than merely glory. Attunement to one of the most powerful site on the planet hangs in the balance. Only one wrestler has enough popularity to help the D  Scenario Details...

Something Wiccan This Way Comes

Cynics often suggest that the best thing to do with an idealist is to let them rule for a while and see how they like it. So what does happen when the world is actually run by idealists? When a critical shift wipes out violence and hatred from the face of  Scenario Details...

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