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A protracted legal battle has erupted between the Irish Government and the new conglomerate Biotechnica over anti-competitive practices.

When Biotechnica's Irish COO fails to respond to a subpoena, citing US precedents on corporate identity, t  Scenario Details...


The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a resolution renewing the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, reminding all sovereign states that they are responsible for all national space activities whether carried out by governmental or non-governmental activi  Scenario Details...


A consultant for Merrill, Asukaga & Finch has been advising MA&F on how to manage the European Union's debt to the Mega-Corporations MA&F represents. Now they've has discovered that he may have begun to start advising the EU Governments on how to evade   Scenario Details...

Wholesale Destruction

A netrunner called Brain gathers the Usual Suspects together - the last of the Usual Suspects since everyone else died. Or left. Or worse. Corporations have declared war on runners and maybe Brain can stop it. But he needs some help... can it be that simp  Scenario Details...

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