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Along Came A Spider

More 40k fun, but this time focusing on the city hives that are Necromunda. When rumours of a Chaos outbreak reach the Imperial command, things get shaken up big time for the Spires. Originally run at Ubercon.   Scenario Details...


For all its complexity, that great species known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens is entirely divisible by one simple factor. That factor is want. The questions now posed: What do you want? And what do you want to do to get it?  Scenario Details...

Ditches & Delph

Something is not quite right in Ballygobackwards. The town is quiet, almost too quiet. Even the feared Knitting Guild seems to have lost its edge. Some sort of a flu, probably. With the town's new Garda Station opening in two days, you can't be having w  Scenario Details...

Dune: LARP

In the beginning there was a monumental undertaking called the DUNE Larp. And Gamers saw that it was good. Unfortunately, it suffered from being largely in Gar's head and hence was near impossible for anyone else to run. Then alone came an American gentl  Scenario Details...

Halo: Friend of a Friend

The year is 2552. Earth is at war. The alien forces of the Covenant attacked the outer colonies a generation ago, and have been pushing humanity back ever since. The fortress world of Reach has fallen, and Earth itself is threatened by the fanatical al  Scenario Details...


Lift, Lift, Vt. - 1, To raise to a higher position; to hoist; to elevate; to raise in spirit; to be murdered in a lift. -vi. To raise; to rise; to commit murder inside an elevator. -n. Act of lifting; assistance; that which is to be raised; an elevator  Scenario Details...

Lost Souls

This is the Discworld scenario from Gaelcon 1996 (before GURPS Discworld!) You have character archives and the scenario archives herein.  Scenario Details...

Love Changes Everything

Brian's Nth Discworld game, written for Gaelcon 99. This one is not a GURPS Discworld game, but could relatively easily be converted to same.  Scenario Details...

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