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Deltron 3030

It’s the year 3030. In orbit around Jupiter, 390 million miles away from their homes, a group of Security Guards patrol the Warehousing Spaceraft of the Corporate InterGalactic Bank of Time. Their training: extensive. Their equipment: expensive. Their m  Scenario Details...

O’Grady’s Farm: A Tale of Farmyard Fun. Oh, and Revenge. Don

Farmer O’Grady has a secret. He’s actually a retired wizard. After 40 years in the wizarding game, he got sick and tired of quests, demons, gods, planar travel and the generally stressful lifestyle of the adventurer. O’Grady settled down in the coun  Scenario Details...

Punch Drunk in Paradise

Dick Ramsey is Punch Drunk in Paradise When poison hooch has been killing off the literati and glitterati of uptown Berlin, only one beat-down New York cop can handle the job. Join Dick Ramsey and the Brooklyn Busboys in their latest thrilling adventu  Scenario Details...

Spacehounds and Shapeshifters

There are some times which are described as the best of times, and some which are described as the worst of times. These are NOT the best of times. A Werewolves of Millers Crossing variant LARP for Gaelcon 2009 by Cian "Icecream" O'Sullivan  Scenario Details...

The Hog-Eye Man

The Hog-Eye Man - A GURPS game of dark deeds and piracy for five scurvy scum by Cian "Icecream" O’Sullivan   Scenario Details...

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