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A Blast From The Past

A Serenity Adventure for Warpcon 2007. Bruce Frisco and his crew are on the trail of one Jack Sly, who has just escaped from the law! Sly had planned for years to steal a priceless orb used to terraform planets and keep them habitable for folks, when h  Scenario Details...

A Little Place called Hell

A little place called Hell A Serenity Scenario by Padraic Barrett “Life Support Failure” “Shuhn Ming Shi T'wohn Gu Jong” Icarus lies dead in the black, atmo venting from the rents in its hull. One of those pieces of mi tian gohn gut-shot t  Scenario Details...

Ain't No Chinese Word For This Situation

Lissen up - Now, there's a ball of rock that rejoices in the name of Farley's World. It got partly terraformed back in the day; but down in the valleys and lowlands, the atmosphere is still a poisonous toxic soup.A few months ago, an Alliance survey tea  Scenario Details...

For a Fistful of Credits

For A Fistful Of Credits - Serenity by Ray O’Mahony Number Of Players: 6 Higgins’ Moon is a terrible desolate rock, and ain’t the first place a person thinks on when they wish to get a whole bundle of cashy money. The gorram smell of the mud tow  Scenario Details...

Honour Amongst Thieves

Ain’t no big secret that one might get a bit tetchy when one gets work from the Tongs, when all’s said n done they’d as soon shoot a fella in the back as pay him. Especially if he’s a Browncoat. But right now I ain’t got no kinda choice but to t  Scenario Details...

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