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An unidentified craft crashes down in the Ford Forest Reserve. A team of operatives are scrambled from their training facility at Quantico to investigate. What they find is from beyond this world...  Scenario Details...

Chinese Got a Lot of Hells

A group of sinners have been selected by a sorceror to enter hell itself to foil the schemes of a demon-summoner. Can the group survive the horror of the "Thousand Hells"?  Scenario Details...

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

A follow-up to the scenario "Burnout" (also on this site.) The party are called to investigate General Marcus Barnaby, believed to have links to Black Book or Saurian interests. The General is only one link in a chain, and there is much to uncover in th  Scenario Details...

The Rats In The Walls

Under the Silverlight of the full moon, the nocturnal habitants of the wilds go about their business. The Hunters and the hunted, the endless cycle continues since first Father Wolf thread the world. An introductory scenario for Werewolf: the Forsaken  Scenario Details...

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