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Borderworld: A Rogue Trader game for 5 Players A Trader’s luck changes quickly. One minute you’re securing a major haul of advanced Eldar weaponry, the next you’ve been quadruple-crossed by the slippery bastards and had to spend most of your fortun  Scenario Details...

Grimdark THIS!

“… You claim that scarcely half a dozen Astartes not only prevented the fall of the world’s last fortress to the Tyranids, but completely routed the planetwide, billions-strong invasion? Describe them.” “I couldn’t see them clearly through   Scenario Details...

Once Bitten Twice Shy

The lost company! A name that evokes past glories and tragedies. Now the last surviving members of that company eke out a living in the mountains plagued by hunger and their nightmares....dreams so bad that they can barely get more than a few hours sleep   Scenario Details...

The Raven Incident

Shi Yukiro and Eurasian Inc. rarely see eye to eye. But after months of negotiations, they are close to a profitable breakthrough. All that remains is a final meeting to seal the deal. Of course, this sort of thing attracts enemies. Double agents for bot  Scenario Details...

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