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Ancestor Of All Honour

You know Damo, he’s the man. After a busy term wheeling and dealing, he’s heading down to Clare for a party. And if you help him set the place up, there’s a lift, in a Merc no less. It’s, Damo said, in the back end of nowhere. So, no neighbours, n  Scenario Details...


For all its complexity, that great species known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens is entirely divisible by one simple factor. That factor is want. The questions now posed: What do you want? And what do you want to do to get it?  Scenario Details...

GUBU D'Genesis

An operation as important as the Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unprecedented doesn’t pop up overnight, now, so it must have come from somewhere. And odds are, it was started in 22 and the Big Fella probably had something to do with it. Exactly what pos  Scenario Details...

I'm a Psychic, Get Me Out Of Here!

The Live Channel, launched in 2002, is Britain’s premiere soft infotainment and Will & Grace rerun digital channel. One of the stations breakout successes is its own The Dark Room, a psychic investigation show that always implies it has unveiled some pa  Scenario Details...

Lost Girls

Small town Mexico, typically poor and rough, can be a hard place to live especially while being accosted by bandits. When those bandits may indeed be Vampires, well, it's no wonder the locals are terrified!  Scenario Details...

The Brethern's Soup Kitchen

The Brethren's Soup Kitchen by Baz "My hobo name is Beggar Greg" Nugent There's not been a meeting of its kind in our lifetime. But now, from lands across the globe, over mountain and valley, and past all manner of fences great and wirey, they c  Scenario Details...

The People Vs Almighty,The

It does exactly what it says on the the most insane way possible!  Scenario Details...

The Quare Long Hand

Once upon a time, there was an iron box. And didn't a wicked landlord put all of his money in the box and hide it up the mountains. And didn't the rebels shoot him for being in cahoots with the brits, cause, sure, the War of Independence was on. So t  Scenario Details...

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