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Dragon In The Poplars

1943, Los Alamos, New Mexico. Scientists scurry to create what they hope will be a war-turning project under a heavy curtain of red tape. Many don't know what they are working on. Those who know aren't saying. Nerves are fraying. The worry is that it's  Scenario Details...

Dune (the LARP)

This is pretty much a prequel to the events in "Dune" by Frank Herbert. The noble houses quarrel over the future ownership of the dune planet Arrakis. Written as a LARP, this one has most everything - backstabbing, feuding, death, and impostors…  Scenario Details...

Dune: LARP

In the beginning there was a monumental undertaking called the DUNE Larp. And Gamers saw that it was good. Unfortunately, it suffered from being largely in Gar's head and hence was near impossible for anyone else to run. Then alone came an American gentl  Scenario Details...


A LARP from Brian Nisbet. Five very different alien races come together to... um... settle their differences. Obviously everything will work out smoothly and happy... honest.  Scenario Details...

Spacehounds and Shapeshifters

There are some times which are described as the best of times, and some which are described as the worst of times. These are NOT the best of times. A Werewolves of Millers Crossing variant LARP for Gaelcon 2009 by Cian "Icecream" O'Sullivan  Scenario Details...

Under the Hammer

Cycles of detente brought to a violent end, North and South clash in open warfare across the equatorial Badlands. Powerless to stand in the way of the battling giants who would crush their homes underfoot, the town of Matters' Folly is holding a despera  Scenario Details...

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