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A Shout in the Dark

Originally written as a scenario for a commercial "murder mystery party" this has better "how to run this game" notes than most of the other offerings from Nick in this database. "A Shout in the Dark" is a fantasy whodunnit, set in an immediately re  Scenario Details...

Call of the Wild Hunt

"As the nights grow longer and Samhain approaches, Summer and Winter will come to a head. The Wild Hunt calls, but, pray, who shall answer? Who will lead and who will be lead?"  Scenario Details...

Forever Autumn

A Legend of the Five Rings LARP. The first one I've seen, in fact. Spirit your players away to a better time and place, where honour is more important than truth, and saving face means everything. Oh - And they had neat-o clothing too!   Scenario Details...

Heritage - Ancient Evil

The marks of Heritage are the marks of nobility and denote the ability to utilise the magics of the Wyrd. It has been this way since the First Man. The bestials are slaves and beasts of burden - Stupid animals who share human form but not the intelligence  Scenario Details...

Heritage - Dreaming a Better Tomorrow

The Bestials were slaves in Alara, until the time came that they were required to register and be judged by King Bora. Many fled to the wilderness, and now they are free. A great tent city has grown up in the wilderness, full of Bestials and their sympath  Scenario Details...

Heritage - The Enemy At The Table

Things have changed in the world of the Humans. The Marks of Heritage that denote nobility have been seen amongst slaves. Religious schisms have caused civil unrest and disputes in the upper echelons of society. The King and the Barons that work with him   Scenario Details...

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