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Warpcon XVI (16) Con Director: Sarah J Hallinan Location: University College Cork

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Ain't No Chinese Word For This Situation

Lissen up - Now, there's a ball of rock that rejoices in the name of Farley's World. It got partly terraformed back in the day; but down in the valleys and lowlands, the atmosphere is still a poisonous toxic soup.A few months ago, an Alliance survey tea  Scenario Details...


For all its complexity, that great species known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens is entirely divisible by one simple factor. That factor is want. The questions now posed: What do you want? And what do you want to do to get it?  Scenario Details...


A D&D 3.5 RPG for Warpcon 2006. Many years ago there lived a great paladin named George. He heard a rumour that in the Earldom of Wiltshire, the town of Salisbury was having a problem. Apparently a great and terrible dragon had taken up residence.   Scenario Details...


"You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. You can choose from phantom fears and tyrants that will kill. I will choose a path that’s clear. I will choose Freewill"   Scenario Details...

Heritage - Ancient Evil

The marks of Heritage are the marks of nobility and denote the ability to utilise the magics of the Wyrd. It has been this way since the First Man. The bestials are slaves and beasts of burden - Stupid animals who share human form but not the intelligence  Scenario Details...

Sacrifices of the Well

Man came to the southlands and built huts and farms and fished the waters once ruled by the sea creatures. To placate those who used to rule the waters, the villagers gave the sea beasts sacrifices - their fairest daughters. The priests of the village adm  Scenario Details...

The Long Night is Over

A Traveller Adventure for Warpcon 2006. You wake up. You are lying on a cold, hard surface. You ache all over, bruised in many places, but you don’t think anything is broken. The darkness is punctuated by the hissing flare of sparks, illuminating  Scenario Details...

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