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Dance Fandango

The High Lord is having a party... not the sort of party you might expect, and of course everything is not what it seems.
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Death Has A Dice Bag

This LARP is set three hours before the doors open to EXiteACon, the newest biggest funkiest Con in town. You are a member of the organising committee that has helped to raise enough funds and put together enough of all the components necessary for the co
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I'm a Psychic, Get Me Out Of Here!

The Live Channel, launched in 2002, is Britain’s premiere soft infotainment and Will & Grace rerun digital channel. One of the stations breakout successes is its own The Dark Room, a psychic investigation show that always implies it has unveiled some pa
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Lift, Lift, Vt. - 1, To raise to a higher position; to hoist; to elevate; to raise in spirit; to be murdered in a lift. -vi. To raise; to rise; to commit murder inside an elevator. -n. Act of lifting; assistance; that which is to be raised; an elevator
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Nine Tenths of the Law

Waking up with a splitting headache isn't good. In this case you've got company - there's lots of other people here that seem to be doing the same thing. There's a TV screen, a video camera. Everyone's wearing elegant evening wear. And there's a box
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All God-fearing Christians know that one day Heaven and Hell will have to answer the question of redemption, and Rocky Ford, Colorado is, on the whole, a God-fearing town. So when the Day of Judgement comes, Rocky Ford should be ready. Well it's here - a
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The Salem Witch Trials

This is a great scenario. It's obviously based on the real-life Salem Witch Trials, but Aidan has written this as a 'Cthulhu Live' scenario, with all the things that go squish in the night that that label incurs. The 'How to Run this Game' document i
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Vampire the Requiem

A truce currently exists between the Lancea Sanctum and the Circle of the Crone, born out of mutual benefit. Now that Queens University is being chartered by the government several members of the Ordo Dracul have arrived and are turning people to educatio
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