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All Is Not Well In The City Of Angels

A "Call of Cthulhu" RPG scenario, written in 1996, and not run or published anywhere other than the "Chaosium Digest" mailing list. Characters included.  Scenario Details...

Angels In The Trees

Things are different out in the jungle. Things seem somehow distant and less real. Or maybe it's that they become more real and everything else becomes muted. A very different SLA Industries scenario.  Scenario Details...

Do You Remember The First Time?

A beast I am lest a beast I become. Sophistry meant to spare the conscience from the ravages of reality. A scenario which certainly can't be accused of falling into the usual Vampire cliches. Originally run at Leprecon XXI.  Scenario Details...

Hard As Steel

The future of the Reich looks grim, and yet are children not the future? Reared from their very early years to believe in the sanctity of their Fuhrer, the Youth are Germany's last line of defense as the war effort falls to pieces around them. Just how m  Scenario Details...

No-One Should Have To Die In Memphis

Something quite different in this scenario. How does it feel to be held up in a Bank Raid? How does it feel to be the ones perpetrating the raid? How does it feel to be an innocent bystander caught up in the madness? And how does it feel to be the cops br  Scenario Details...

The Dying Of The Light

The extermination of the Jedi has begun, and 6 young Jedi apprentices are left very much alone, pursued by a relentless foe. Can even one of the greatest Jedi heroes ever prevent the Dying of the Light? A Star Wars scenario using the old West End Games sy  Scenario Details...

The Tyrant of Xathra

The near-infamous Star Wars saga penned by Mr. Honan for Leprecon 1999. I won't go into too much detail, but this one has a play as a GM briefing, and is probably the longest scenario we have here. Probably suitable to be slotted into a campaign, or play  Scenario Details...

Viva Atomic City!

An Unknown Armies scenario concerning the events when a bunch of horny high school teenagers decide to hang out in Los Alamos canyon. Meantime, a festival in Los Alamos designed to bring peace between scientists and residents of the twon is going more tha  Scenario Details...

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