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Warpcon XIV (14) Con Director: Cillian Doyle Location: University College Cork

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Dead Dogs and Black Roots

One dead dog is an accident. Two is a conspiracy. The blood soaks through the newspaper covering the kitchen table. It's been ten years since you saw so much blood, soaking into the French mud. Something is growing from that fetid, fertile earth, scratch  Scenario Details...

Friday Night's Alright For Hack and Slash

The Vardens, a successful trading family, have been running caravans throughout Northern Cormyr for decades. Unfortunately, due to the large increase in Goblin activity in recent times, Alister Varden has decided to retire - but not before he makes one la  Scenario Details...


A consultant for Merrill, Asukaga & Finch has been advising MA&F on how to manage the European Union's debt to the Mega-Corporations MA&F represents. Now they've has discovered that he may have begun to start advising the EU Governments on how to evade   Scenario Details...

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