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Brennin Sourcebook

Stephen's 'Hellsgate' campaign is based around this sourcebook, detailing the land of Brennin. This sourcebook is for players and GMs, and details Brennin's history, geopolitical status, gods, and geography. Oh - And it looks pretty too! This is a PDF  Scenario Details...

Darkmoor Sourcebook

The town of Darkmoor is a small town on the Northern highway just outside Hellsgate. This sourcebook details places of interest, rumours, denizens etc. As per usual with Stephen's stuff this is beautifully presented and very complete. It could probably b  Scenario Details...

The Belgariad Sourcebook

This is a biggie. An entire sourcebook for AD&D based on the hugely successful "Belgariad" (and to a lesser extent the "Mallorean") by David Eddings. This book features everything you'd expect from a sourcebook - character classes, specialities, a Be  Scenario Details...

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