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Warpcon XI (11) Con Director: Gar Hanrahan Location: University College Cork

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Closer My God Unto Thee

A killer is stalking the streets, and yet it is who it doesn't kill that has the town in uproar. There is more than mere insanity at play, and unless answers are found soon the entire city might dissolve into chaos. But answers rely on truth, and truth i  Scenario Details...

Return To The Beginning

Six people who have found that the world has turned against them. Coincidence? Or was this always the way it was supposed to be? Or will they have a change to start over and change it all again. This scenario was originally written for Warpcon XI  Scenario Details...

The Man Behind The Curtain

The Oracle of Air is acting strangely. So much so that he has unnerved the local peasantry and the local magistrate was forced to investigate. Toshimoko has decided to send a group of Emerald Magistrates to check the situation. A magistrate was summoned f  Scenario Details...

Viva Atomic City!

An Unknown Armies scenario concerning the events when a bunch of horny high school teenagers decide to hang out in Los Alamos canyon. Meantime, a festival in Los Alamos designed to bring peace between scientists and residents of the twon is going more tha  Scenario Details...

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