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Blood at Stake

A Sequel to the Cogs & Dogs Discworld Gurps game by Ian Power What do you do if your very way of life were threatened? How do you face an enemy no one has defeated, an enemy that comes in the night and leaves nothing but screams and blood and hear  Scenario Details...

Carribean Cruise

This is a large LARP (36 players) written for a large event. It is the 1940s and strange things are afoot on the 'Eve' - a cruise ship. There are no documents on how to run this game included, and you may find a few of the characters in bad taste (a dis  Scenario Details...

GUBU D'Genesis

An operation as important as the Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unprecedented doesn’t pop up overnight, now, so it must have come from somewhere. And odds are, it was started in 22 and the Big Fella probably had something to do with it. Exactly what pos  Scenario Details...

Red Tape

Welcome to the office... it's a friendly place where everyone gets along and everyone has their own job to do. Of course, there's lots of paperwork, but that's the same everywhere, right? Sure, there might also be a reasonable amount of politics to put  Scenario Details...

The Brethern's Soup Kitchen

The Brethren's Soup Kitchen by Baz "My hobo name is Beggar Greg" Nugent There's not been a meeting of its kind in our lifetime. But now, from lands across the globe, over mountain and valley, and past all manner of fences great and wirey, they c  Scenario Details...

The People Vs Almighty,The

It does exactly what it says on the the most insane way possible!  Scenario Details...

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