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Warpcon VIII (8) Con Director: Maria McSweeney Location: University College Cork

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A Family Matter

This is Nick's take on the classic haunted house scenario. The Beauregarde family are called to a mansion on the edge of a cliff to discover who will inherit the riches of their patriarch - Horace Beauregarde. Naturally - Bad things happen.  Scenario Details...

The Once & Future King

An extremely well written and researched Call of Cthulhu scenario written for Warpcon 1998. As usual with Warpcon tournament games, this scenario is written in two parts. The characters also come seperately.  Scenario Details...

Wake Up Call

A Traveller RPG (although I'm told it is generic sci-fi) scenario, originally written and run at Warpcon 8, 1998. No characters included, so it could be slotted into a weekly game with little bother...  Scenario Details...

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