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Carcosa, NJ

Strange things happen in the Occult Undergroud, and stranger yet when combined with the excesses of America's East Coast gambling heavan. A casino, a hotel, some ghost, weurd alchemy and a pseudo religious figure who lives in a statue (as you do.) That w  Scenario Details...


Kind Hearts and Coronets

I will stop, I will stop at nothing

Say the right things

I trust I can rely on

Your Vote

- Radiohead, “Electioneering”

  Scenario Details...

Fall Of A Sparrow

In a world where meaning is processed and twisted by the masses before it reaches your ears, do you have what it takes to survive. More to the point, do you want to? An Unknown Armies scenario originally run at Warpcon X.  Scenario Details...

Kind Hearts & Coronets

It's Mardi Gras time in New Orleans, and with the party atmosphere and the anonymity of the crowd conscience is being left behind. As a gushot victim lies dying on an operating room table, 5 people are going to find out just how liberating anonymity can   Scenario Details...

Recounting the Cost

This is the inevitable Florida presidential election recount scenario. For a few weeks, the identity of the most powerful man in the world was in flux. Both Bush and Gore claimed victory and accepted defeat at various times. A handful of papers had all th  Scenario Details...

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