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And Does Not Descend

There is no greater shame than a fallen son. There is no greater heroism than a noble fight against injustice. Only the Phoenix rises and does not descend. - A Legend of The Five Rings scenario from Gareth Hanrahan.  Scenario Details...

Blood Of The Family

Honour, duty, loyalty. A samurai lives his life by a code, but sometimes that code isn't too clear. A fould murder has been commited using the darkest magics, and it's up to the party to find out who is responsible...and what to do when they find out. A  Scenario Details...

Everything From Nothing

A Legend of the Five Rings scenario about hate, betrayal and forgiveness in the world of Rokugan. Weary adventurers, fleeing from forces they cannot understand face their fears and their destinies in an abandoned monastery where something is not quite rig  Scenario Details...

Forever Autumn

A Legend of the Five Rings LARP. The first one I've seen, in fact. Spirit your players away to a better time and place, where honour is more important than truth, and saving face means everything. Oh - And they had neat-o clothing too!   Scenario Details...

Past Heroes

A new Emperor ascends to the throne, and a ceremony reaffirming his ties to those owed Imperial Gratitude ensues. If only things were that simple. In Rokugan there is always more than meets the eye. A Legend of the Five Rings scenario from Leprecon XXII.  Scenario Details...

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