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GURPS Illuminati (2)

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Cogs and Dogs

Cogs and Dogs: GURPS Discworld What do you do when your very way of life is threatened? How do you face an enemy no one has ever defeated, an enemy that comes in the night and leaves nothing but screams and blood and heartache? What do you do? Y  Scenario Details...

Cracks On The Surface

A new kid starts at school and finds out that there is far more to be afraid of than he could ever have imagined. Here in this quiet English village the strain is starting to show, and eventually something is going to give.  Scenario Details...

Deltron 3030

It’s the year 3030. In orbit around Jupiter, 390 million miles away from their homes, a group of Security Guards patrol the Warehousing Spaceraft of the Corporate InterGalactic Bank of Time. Their training: extensive. Their equipment: expensive. Their m  Scenario Details...

Hard As Steel

The future of the Reich looks grim, and yet are children not the future? Reared from their very early years to believe in the sanctity of their Fuhrer, the Youth are Germany's last line of defense as the war effort falls to pieces around them. Just how m  Scenario Details...

O’Grady’s Farm: A Tale of Farmyard Fun. Oh, and Revenge. Don

Farmer O’Grady has a secret. He’s actually a retired wizard. After 40 years in the wizarding game, he got sick and tired of quests, demons, gods, planar travel and the generally stressful lifestyle of the adventurer. O’Grady settled down in the coun  Scenario Details...

Prince Of Persia

Phil's 'Prince of Persia' game takes place after an evil Vizier has taken the throne and thrown the rightful heir (said Prince) into a dungeon beneath the palace with five of his supporters. The challenge is to escape the dungeon. This game is essentia  Scenario Details...

The Hog-Eye Man

The Hog-Eye Man - A GURPS game of dark deeds and piracy for five scurvy scum by Cian "Icecream" O’Sullivan   Scenario Details...

The Quest for the Blue Rose

The Quest for the Blue Rose. Once upon a time... That's how it ALWAYS begins - once upon a time. Well, the time is now, your princess is missing, and all the princes seem to have disappeared, and it's up to you to show them all what you're made of  Scenario Details...

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