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Fools Gold

Warhammer Fantasy - Fools Gold The Golden Age of the Dwarfs is long past, their Empire shattered by natural disaster and war. Yet even in these darkest of days come brief glimmers of hope. Word has spread of Prince Ulfar's expedition to Mad Dog Pass   Scenario Details...

Hard Dough

Brother Wilhelm, I regret I bear ill tidings. The Guild of Bakers have petitioned the Elector Count to have you arrested on charges of Arson, Criminal Damage and Unnatural Use of Yeast. I’m afraid referring to them as “weak kneed pansies” in your l  Scenario Details...

Hell Riders

A witch-hunt in small and paranoid town in the Empire takes bizarre twists as the trial itself becomes a work of chaos, giving an opening to the very creatures they are trying to avoid in this Warhammer Fantasy Role-pay scenario.  Scenario Details...

The Play's The Thing

The Play's the Thing! A 2nd Ed. WHFR Adventure by Padraic Barrett Once there was a little playhouse in a little town with a little playwright. His name was Josef and all he wanted was what every playwright wanted; gold, women & fame. Fate howeve  Scenario Details...

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