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Warpcon XX (20) Con Director: Eoin Murphy Location: University College Cork

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A Game of Words

A Game of Words By Anita Murray The Phaistos Disc is one of the famous mysteries of archaeology; 45 unique signs in a clockwork sequence towards the centre. In Mythic reality a constant weeping emits from the disc. Lately it has begun to scream.   Scenario Details...

A Little Place called Hell

A little place called Hell A Serenity Scenario by Padraic Barrett “Life Support Failure” “Shuhn Ming Shi T'wohn Gu Jong” Icarus lies dead in the black, atmo venting from the rents in its hull. One of those pieces of mi tian gohn gut-shot t  Scenario Details...

In the Shadow of the Wicked City

In the Shadow of the Wicked City By Ray O’Mahony Horrors lurk in the shadows of the Middle Kingdom, things of inconceivable power and terrible might. Beings that secretly control the lives of men, as a puppetmaster would a marionette, rule undisputed.  Scenario Details...

L’Economia Sanguinosa

L’Economia Sanguinosa By Ray O’Mahony It’s 1929, and prohibition is still in full swing. In the city of Chicago gang violence, bootlegging and vice are rampant. All this is accepted as truth, but even as you check the bullets in your gun, don your  Scenario Details...

Te Puia o Whakaar

Call of Cthulhu: Te Puia o Whakaari By Gareth Hanrahan In 1911, a sulphur mine was established on the volcanic White Island, seventy kilometres off the north coast of New Zealand. On September 10th, 1914, an eruption was sighted from the mainland. A res  Scenario Details...

The Ithorian Job

“During the war those Czerka bastards stayed “neutral”, they sold weapons to both sides, Sith and Republic. But we all know the truth, Czerka were the Sith’s lapdogs. Now that the war is over we are all supposed to play nice, the Republic can’t   Scenario Details...

The Raven Incident

Shi Yukiro and Eurasian Inc. rarely see eye to eye. But after months of negotiations, they are close to a profitable breakthrough. All that remains is a final meeting to seal the deal. Of course, this sort of thing attracts enemies. Double agents for bot  Scenario Details...

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