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As If

The story of a group of strangely familiar schoolfriends, banding together to protect one small hamlet against the forces of evil, personified by the Vampyr. Allegedly a Vampire: The Masquerade scenario from Gaelcon 1998.  Scenario Details...

Back From The Dead

It's always the ones who host the best parties... Prince Ivan may be a kook but his is the place to be on a dark night when you've nowhere to go. Tonight there will be role-play, partying, blood and... murder.  Scenario Details...

Do You Remember The First Time?

A beast I am lest a beast I become. Sophistry meant to spare the conscience from the ravages of reality. A scenario which certainly can't be accused of falling into the usual Vampire cliches. Originally run at Leprecon XXI.  Scenario Details...

Human Drum

Sometimes things aren't quite as they seem, people in Los Angeles came to terms with this a long time ago. They've always known that they were just another link in the food chain, and nowhere near the top of it, no matter how hard they shut their eyes a  Scenario Details...

L’Economia Sanguinosa

L’Economia Sanguinosa By Ray O’Mahony It’s 1929, and prohibition is still in full swing. In the city of Chicago gang violence, bootlegging and vice are rampant. All this is accepted as truth, but even as you check the bullets in your gun, don your  Scenario Details...

Lost Girls

Small town Mexico, typically poor and rough, can be a hard place to live especially while being accosted by bandits. When those bandits may indeed be Vampires, well, it's no wonder the locals are terrified!  Scenario Details...

On The Brink

Gentleman and lady, I have gathered you here for a very specific purpose... Two nights ago the Malkavian Primogen was attacked and killed in her own haven by assailants unknown. When members of the sheriff’s department investigated her disappearance the  Scenario Details...

Sorcerous Emergence

The start of a three-year collaboration on Vampire: the Masquerade scenarios by Nick and Brian in 1995, this scenario takes our (anti-)heroes to the Carpathian mountains. A Vampire: the Dark Ages scenario written before the Dark Ages book was released.  Scenario Details...

The Return of Blacula

There is a mansion in the Hollywood Hills; a mansion that is famous for holding wild parties catering specifically for the Kindred. Tonight a party is to be held, the culmination of which is to be the raising of a vampire who is spoken of in hushed tones   Scenario Details...

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