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A Stitch In Time

A Dungeons and Dragons scenario for Warpcon 2007. Time has been shattered, and so chunks of time have been uprooted and displaced. This phenomenon is spreading. Soon reality itself will cease to be as time will have no meaning. All will be now and   Scenario Details...

Behind Door Number Three

This is the AD&D scenario from Gaelcon 1998. The character archives are kept seperate from the scenario itself, but are included as originally designed by Goblin God Nisbet...  Scenario Details...

Closer My God Unto Thee

A killer is stalking the streets, and yet it is who it doesn't kill that has the town in uproar. There is more than mere insanity at play, and unless answers are found soon the entire city might dissolve into chaos. But answers rely on truth, and truth i  Scenario Details...


The winter has come early, and it's up to the party to keep their small tribe of nomads together while trying to find out exactly what is going on...  Scenario Details...

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