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Warpcon X (10) Con Director: Cat Tobin Location: University College Cork

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Death Of An Angel

Some say that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Tell that to an angel denied forever the grace of heaven. An In Nomine scenario from Warpcon X.  Scenario Details...

Fall Of A Sparrow

In a world where meaning is processed and twisted by the masses before it reaches your ears, do you have what it takes to survive. More to the point, do you want to? An Unknown Armies scenario originally run at Warpcon X.  Scenario Details...

Things To Do In Dyffed When You're Genlifted

A tabletop scenario for 'Blue Planet' written for Warpcon 2000. The players experience a brief trip through Poseidon's criminal underworld in the floating city of Dyffed.  Scenario Details...

Through The Round Window

Gosh, the adults are acting very strange today. Any idea why Big Ted? No Little Ted, perhaps it's some sort of adult thing that us toys can't understand. Oh, that's different then Big Ted. Indluge your search for something *different* with this scenari  Scenario Details...

Werewolves Without A Cause

A really bizarre werewolf scenario (written for Warpcon 2000) involving the most sorry troupe of werewolves I think I have ever seen. Their caernfathers (who have much the same opinion) go about putting them through a rite of passage that goes horribly, h  Scenario Details...

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