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Batmen of the Future: The Last Laugh

15 years ago Gotham city was rocked by a rising tide of violence and chaos that only ended when Batman fought the Joker in Arkham Asylum. That night the Arkham burned and though no sign was ever found of either Joker or the Batman’s body neither was see  Scenario Details...


October 26, 1962 - Greetings comrades, 2 hours ago we lost contact with one of our missile bases in Cuba shortly after Premier Krushchev orders the removal of all of our nuclear assets from the country. The Americans have given us a deadline to begin remo  Scenario Details...

The Ithorian Job

“During the war those Czerka bastards stayed “neutral”, they sold weapons to both sides, Sith and Republic. But we all know the truth, Czerka were the Sith’s lapdogs. Now that the war is over we are all supposed to play nice, the Republic can’t   Scenario Details...

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