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Back From The Dead

It's always the ones who host the best parties... Prince Ivan may be a kook but his is the place to be on a dark night when you've nowhere to go. Tonight there will be role-play, partying, blood and... murder.  Scenario Details...

Fear Us For We Are Acolytes

A small group of con-men, posing as the acolytes of an inquisitor, framing innocents for being heretics, killing them and taking valuable possessions as evidence. Unfortunately, their lifestyle has led them into a sticky situation - after all, in the 41st  Scenario Details...

Rifts Halloween

On Rifts Earth, it's not unusual for something strange to have slipped through from beyond. It's not strange for that something to twist reality in bizarre ways. But... trick or treating?  Scenario Details...

Sight Unseen

When the PCs arrive at a small space station looking for Inquisitor Jezehell and her acolytes they are confronted by provincial yokels who have forgotten the Emperor. But all is not as it seems... strange things are afoot on the space station, and there i  Scenario Details...

The Return of Blacula

There is a mansion in the Hollywood Hills; a mansion that is famous for holding wild parties catering specifically for the Kindred. Tonight a party is to be held, the culmination of which is to be the raising of a vampire who is spoken of in hushed tones   Scenario Details...

Weave of Light

A party of characters from the Kingdom of Houses are sent to investigate a portal into another world.  Scenario Details...

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