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Warpcon IX (9) Con Director: Donal Cahalane Location: University College Cork

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Lights, Camera, Action!

A decidedly strange MERP scenario, run at Warpcon 1999 in which a group of modern-day students find themselves in Middle Earth courtesy of a deranged movie director, a dimension travelling wardrobe, and Sauron... As you do.  Scenario Details...

Plug and Play

A rather spectacularly good "Alternity" scenario (although it's very rules light, possibly due to the lack of exposure of Alternity.) I doubt it can easily be played as a game in an existing campaign, but for an evening of great fun, you could do no wo  Scenario Details...


Vox is a science-Fiction LARP set in the Terran Dominion, where a message from a possibly alien vessel brings fear, mystery and not a small amount of politics and chaos. Originally run at Warpcon 1999, it's for 20 players.   Scenario Details...

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