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Serve Cold (Deadlands)

The year is 1871, but the history is not our own. The Colonel sent the four of you into Confederate territory to lay low after the heist, but it looks like he ratted you out to the Rebs - after all, dead men tell no tales. 1876 - you claw your way out o  Scenario Details...

Serve Cold (Shadowrun)

2059, and Seattle is plunged into a war between the organised crime syndicates, a war fought in the shadows cast by society. In exchange for the turning of a blind eye, an elite Yakuza hit-team are betrayed by their boss and turned over to Lone Star as a  Scenario Details...

The Saturnalia Objective

Spies. Casinos. A chaotic festival. Aristotle the cat. A maverick veteran, a sinister re-educator, an untested young gun, a hard-drinking engineer and a washed-up sports duelist. Espionage, intrigue, jealousy, romance and a Heavy Gear called Daddy Cool. W  Scenario Details...

Under the Hammer

Cycles of detente brought to a violent end, North and South clash in open warfare across the equatorial Badlands. Powerless to stand in the way of the battling giants who would crush their homes underfoot, the town of Matters' Folly is holding a despera  Scenario Details...

You Fall, We Haul

Hello Seattle, I'm Stacey Inglewood. In this episode of Crash Course we grab our gear and glove up for a 24-hour shift with the paramedics and security EMTs of DocWagon High Threat Response ambulance 21. We'll deal with unexpected patients, high speed   Scenario Details...

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