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Chinese Got a Lot of Hells

A group of sinners have been selected by a sorceror to enter hell itself to foil the schemes of a demon-summoner. Can the group survive the horror of the "Thousand Hells"?  Scenario Details...

Sing Sing

A group of prisoners, who range from violent and depraved murderers to decent and innocent men are the investigators. Their reasons for being in Sing Sing prison are varied. Mistakes have been made, schemes have been foiled but none of them had evil inten  Scenario Details...

Tequila Empire

In the late-19th Century the Mexican Empire has survived its turbulent initial year and flourished, it spreads from California in the north to Costa Rica in the south. But many have become Jealous of its growth and new found strength. They have started to  Scenario Details...

The Last Days of the Dragons

The Year is 2059. The Secret Wars have changed. Powerful factions in the war have been erased from history. The Architects of the Flesh control all of the important Feng Shui sites in this juncture, and the Netherworld juncture gates have been sealed, the  Scenario Details...

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