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A Blast From The Past

A Serenity Adventure for Warpcon 2007. Bruce Frisco and his crew are on the trail of one Jack Sly, who has just escaped from the law! Sly had planned for years to steal a priceless orb used to terraform planets and keep them habitable for folks, when h  Scenario Details...

A Stitch In Time

A Dungeons and Dragons scenario for Warpcon 2007. Time has been shattered, and so chunks of time have been uprooted and displaced. This phenomenon is spreading. Soon reality itself will cease to be as time will have no meaning. All will be now and   Scenario Details...


A D&D 3.5 RPG for Warpcon 2006. Many years ago there lived a great paladin named George. He heard a rumour that in the Earldom of Wiltshire, the town of Salisbury was having a problem. Apparently a great and terrible dragon had taken up residence.   Scenario Details...

Friday Night's Alright For Hack and Slash

The Vardens, a successful trading family, have been running caravans throughout Northern Cormyr for decades. Unfortunately, due to the large increase in Goblin activity in recent times, Alister Varden has decided to retire - but not before he makes one la  Scenario Details...

In Jump Space No-one Can Hear You Scream...

You are sitting in the opulent High Passage lounge of the passenger liner Empress Iphignia. The lights are low, and the music is mellow. It has been a week since the ship left Efate,and must soon emerge back into real space in the Lysen system. There is   Scenario Details...

Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

A D&D 3.5 RPG scenario for Warpcon 2008. Located in a broad and pleasant valley high in the white cap mountains, Eastvale is an agrarian paradise, far from the concerns that trouble more ambitious lands. Like the rest of The Land, Eastvale worships  Scenario Details...

The Long Night is Over

A Traveller Adventure for Warpcon 2006. You wake up. You are lying on a cold, hard surface. You ache all over, bruised in many places, but you don’t think anything is broken. The darkness is punctuated by the hissing flare of sparks, illuminating  Scenario Details...

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