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City Of Angels

The City of Angels, what a splendidly ironic title for such a festering heap of demonic activity. The people that walk past you in the street here all have a dazed, complacent look in their eyes. For some, the dreams of stardom have given way to hopes of   Scenario Details...

For a Fistful of Credits

For A Fistful Of Credits - Serenity by Ray O’Mahony Number Of Players: 6 Higgins’ Moon is a terrible desolate rock, and ain’t the first place a person thinks on when they wish to get a whole bundle of cashy money. The gorram smell of the mud tow  Scenario Details...

Honour Amongst Thieves

Ain’t no big secret that one might get a bit tetchy when one gets work from the Tongs, when all’s said n done they’d as soon shoot a fella in the back as pay him. Especially if he’s a Browncoat. But right now I ain’t got no kinda choice but to t  Scenario Details...

In the Shadow of the Wicked City

In the Shadow of the Wicked City By Ray O’Mahony Horrors lurk in the shadows of the Middle Kingdom, things of inconceivable power and terrible might. Beings that secretly control the lives of men, as a puppetmaster would a marionette, rule undisputed.  Scenario Details...

L’Economia Sanguinosa

L’Economia Sanguinosa By Ray O’Mahony It’s 1929, and prohibition is still in full swing. In the city of Chicago gang violence, bootlegging and vice are rampant. All this is accepted as truth, but even as you check the bullets in your gun, don your  Scenario Details...

Of Fiends And Warlords

The Viovodate. No other lands are quite like them. Bulgaria, Poland, Transylvania, Hungry, these are lands where the Old Ways and tradition permeate all action. Where Ventrue carve out domains from the lands long held by the prideful Tzimisce and the magi  Scenario Details...

Still Waters

Welcome to Venice, the heart of a trading empire that stretches across the Mediterranean and includes virtual control of Constantinople itself. Treasures from distant lands and wealth of local merchant families are all signs of a prosperous age for the ci  Scenario Details...

Strike Force Zero

A cold fear creeps across your heart as you read the latest reports. Reports are what they should be, but over the last few months they’ve simply become casualty lists. “Strike Force Zero” The Japanese government’s intelligence branch charged with  Scenario Details...

When a Siren Calls

"Help me." you look over your shoulder quickly to see who was speaking, yet there’s only an empty street and the gently falling rain. You sigh and continue walking through the winter night, but you hear it again, this time more clearly, more desperate  Scenario Details...

Where Devils Fear To Tread

Where Devils Fear To Tread - Strike Force Zero (D10) by Ray O’Mahony Number Of Players: 5 Strike Force Zero protects the islands of Japan from every variety of evil made manifest; reality altering mystics, poltergiest & malicious fae creatures to na  Scenario Details...

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