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All God-fearing Christians know that one day Heaven and Hell will have to answer the question of redemption, and Rocky Ford, Colorado is, on the whole, a God-fearing town. So when the Day of Judgement comes, Rocky Ford should be ready. Well it's here - a  Scenario Details...

Rhyme With Dark Reason

Robert Elliot is a rich man. A rich man who wants a book, ominously called "The Book Of Shadows." When Elliot sends a group of negotiators to acquire the book from the man who is selling it, nothing good can happen. A Call of Cthulhu scenario by Damien   Scenario Details...

Temporary Insanity

"I’m alive! In this moment, in this place, in this make-believe world, for as long as it lasts…I’m a real person, or as near as a thing like me can ever be. And if this game ends, then so will I."  Scenario Details...

The Dispossessed

A sprawling mansion. A group of adventurers wake up naked and alone - their only clues to what's going on being a pentacle in the room. Puzzles and horror await them as they try and work out what happened to them, and why...  Scenario Details...

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