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Trinity 138

In a bid to create a new reality a great cleansing of society has taken place. But for those who are considered undesireable elements, there will be far more in sotre for them than a simple exile. No, jail would be a picnic compared to this. A Fading Suns  Scenario Details...

Wave Of Mutilation

The Archbishop has disappeared and the characters are really concerned. No really. Can't you see them crying blood. Of course, when the Priscus asks them to investigate, they'd better get concerned in a hurry. Unfortunately, they are about to learn two   Scenario Details...

Welcome To The Jungle

Black Tiger are on their way to the top, riding on a tide of glamourous self destruction. So what makes them any different from the profusion of other decadent rock bands in the late 80s? Well, they're the only ones who are Vampires. A decidedly differen  Scenario Details...

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