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Don't Be So Shallow

Cubans, terrorists, alien races, vampires and bizarre offshoots of US government agencies. All of them want to stop you from finding out about....The rest of this blurb has been censored. A GURPS Illuminati scenario from Gaelcon 2000  Scenario Details...

Fur Is To Be Feared

One of Phil's fairly superb 'Illuminati' scenarios, concerning, well, if I told you it would be telling. Suffice it to say that your players will be confused, and you the GM will have a whale of a time laughing at their discomfort, erm, I mean, making   Scenario Details...

Prince Of Persia

Phil's 'Prince of Persia' game takes place after an evil Vizier has taken the throne and thrown the rightful heir (said Prince) into a dungeon beneath the palace with five of his supporters. The challenge is to escape the dungeon. This game is essentia  Scenario Details...

Thoughts And Trinkets

Another one of Phil's 'Illuminati' scenarios, and one of the best ones to boot. This one concerns the strange events connected with a small antique shop in Covent Garden. What strange events, and how do they fit in with the Conspiracy? You'll have to   Scenario Details...

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