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This Week's Belated Update - 2/6/09 Print
Written by Nick Huggins   
Jun 02, 2009 at 08:44 AM

Yeah. Very late... very bad of me. Blame the weather. And the college course assignment. And playing World of Warcraft and Top Trumps until my eyes bled at the weekend. Both of which my son was heavily involved with. Gaming with your kids is the most awesome thing in the world.

As promised, being as how there's a lack of scenarios around IrishGaming Towers right now, we've decided to go partially over to an article model. We've poked Brian Nisbet (who, in the words of Shane over at The Adventuring Party "has run more cons than you") until he agreed to write for us on a semi-regular basis. I also pulled out the phone directory and have put up a list of shops we know of in Ireland that sell gaming stuff. That's going to be a document that we add to and remove from over time.

We've some ideas for some wacky articles coming down the line, so stay tuned. We're hoping to make our updates mostly scenarios still, though - so if you've got stuff that you wrote once hidden under the bed, then send it in!

Next week Noirin will be back in charge. You know her - she's the one who updates at the right time and doesn't get distracted by - oooh! Shiny!

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